We’ve taken your views about the current educational challenges and developed
Building Blocks, so that you have more time to spend on the important part of teaching and learning and less time away from the children.

When children are engaged in learning and loving it, as teachers we know that success and progress will follow. It’s easy to say, but the hard part is making sure that it happens in our classrooms each and everyday.

Building Blocks is an easy to use, powerful and innovative planning, monitoring and reporting device for busy teachers and
school leaders, designed by teachers, for teachers! (Now with formative pupil assessment)

Building Blocks (Wales)

Building Blocks has taken the two new areas of the new curriculum for Wales, Language, Literacy and Communication and Numeracy and Mathematics, ensuring that Literacy and Numeracy are embedded in cross curricular ‘Rich Tasks’ that are meaningful to the children’s learning experiences ensuring that skills are used in context leading to deep level learning and understanding. Teacher’s in Wales are able to plan for the new curriculum from a framework of 253 age appropriate challenges with associated teaching resources from Nursery to Year 6. Teacher’s monitoring, reporting and now formative pupil assessment stems from their actual planning, streamlining the whole educational process.

Building Blocks is aligned to the New Curriculum for Wales from the initial report ‘Successful Futures’ by Professor Graham Donaldson where the three core competences of Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Competence are entrenched. The pedagogy, attitudes and depositions outlined in Qualified for Life – A new curriculum for Wales – a curriculum for life, is at the core of the Building Blocks ‘Rich Tasks’ where teaching and learning is led by the curriculum and the children’s learning experiences ensuring that the skills acquired are applied in context embedding the four broad purposes which is at the heart of the New Curriculum for Wales.

Building Blocks Wales Online Brochure English  Online Brochure Cymraeg

Building Blocks (England)

Building Blocks England has taken English and Mathematics from the new National Curriculum of 2014 as the core to develop a breadth and depth to the curriculum ensuring that children’s learning experiences are applied in context leading towards mastery of year level statements of expectation. Split into Early Years Foundation Stage and Years 1-6, there are over 266 higher order learning challenges where in EYFS the focus is on continued and enhanced provision in experiential learning experiences and in Years 1-6 where Mathematics and English is embedded through everyday routines and rituals or where the tasks are entrenched with a focus on Science, History or other areas of the new 2014 curriculum.

The monitoring and assessment of the delivered curriculum stems from teacher’s planning leading seamlessly towards formative pupil assessment against end of year statements and key performance indicators as to whether they are at the expected statement, emerging towards the expected statement or exceeding the expected statement.

With reduced budget costs affecting schools, Building Blocks promotes a whole school ‘value for money strategy’ where planning leads seamlessly into monitoring and pupil formative assessment. There is no duplication of work for different audiences, the school, the LEA or inspection: burdensome ineffective teachers tasks are greatly reduced giving back that valuable commodity of time for teachers to spend on preparation delivering exciting, stimulating lessons which will raise educational standards.

Building Blocks England Online Brochure

The Features


With over 250 fully editable, exciting rich tasks & challenges – planning couldn’t be easier.

The rich tasks are cross-referenced with the most up-to-date curriculum, year group, by year group. Each ‘rich task’ or ‘challenge’ is accompanied by a clear teaching outline for minimal fuss and maximum results.


The Building Blocks portal is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection.

Building Blocks allows you to put your planning into practice, where ever you are. You can access and amend your lesson plans to reflect whats really happening in the classroom.


Dynamic, real time curriculum information and reporting at your finger-tips.

Bring your entire curriculum planning, monitoring and reporting together, simply,easily and all in one place. Building Blocks generates indepth reports in various formats to streamline your workload.