We know that no two schools are the same, so we have created a number of pricing options to suit your size and budget.

Below you will find the various Building Blocks pricing packages that we offer. They are split depending on the amount of pupils your school comprises of, or whether you are an infant or junior school only.

As prices are tailored to your needs and requirements, prices are provided upon request. Simply find the package that fits and get the ball rolling.

Primary School Packages

Nursery Level - Year 6
75 pupils or less
Original Building Blocks Package
Nursery Level - Year 6
75 - 150 pupils
Original Building Blocks Package
Nursery Level - Year 6
150 pupils +
Original Building Blocks Package

Infant School Package

Nursery Level - Year 2
Any Size
Original Building Blocks Package

Junior School Package

Year 3 - Year 6
Any Size
Original Building Blocks Package

Special School Package

Bespoke Curriculum
Any Size
Original Building Blocks Package

Building Block Samples

Download Some Sample Building Blocks Rich Tasks and Challenges.

If you would like to take a peek at example rich tasks and challenges we provide, please fill in your name and email address in the form below and your samples will download automatically once you click submit.



Building blocks offers a great package for learning. The children enjoy the whole process from the Anchor phase where they get engaged in new innovative ways and involves collaboration from the word go.

Fusion phase is always interesting to watch them learning together making learning real – in ‘Great British Bake Off’ the children calculated costs of shopping lists and compared different super markets. They then used a budget to go to a local Tesco to get the ingredients. They were so excited. Giving them skills to prepare for everyday life.

Using the LNF framework, Building Blocks allows children to try out their own challenges and let’s them make mistakes and talk about problems. The challenges can be big or small but I love teaching using them and they always evolve in different ways.

Challenges always involve the children directing their own learning and encourages research and development.

The site is easy to use and in an instant it helps show coverage of planning of the LNF. It has helped me to get to know the LNF and see it for all its value.

The projects are easy to adapt to link with any topic and can be big or small in terms of time they take to complete. My favourite challenge so far is ‘Luscious Lunches’ where the project had such an impact that my class started a healthy lunch campaign as a result of their research. 3 words to describe the experience of ‘Bake Off’ freedom, collaboration and fun; It’s a reflective process.

Rhian Milton – Year 3 Teacher – Cadoxton Primary School Barry


The Great British Bake Off Challenge Cadoxton Style

What’s in the Box?

Building Blocks Printed Card Pack

  • 253 printed rich task challenges packaged together in two Building Blocks cases
  • 16 Nursery cards
  • 112 Literacy Cards Reception to Year 6
  • 125 Numeracy Cards Reception to Year 6

Building Blocks Online

  • Secure access to the online planning, monitoring & reporting tool for each individual school
  • Set up of school’s users (no restrictions on individual users for the school)
  • 1 Year full online support
  • Access to 250+ rich tasks & challenges
  • Access to planning and monitor tools for individual users
  • Access to over 350 planning resources and supportive documentation

Full User Training

  • We provide a full days onsite Building Blocks training (whole school closure day/split release day)